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You want to add some content, here's some content to add:


  1. Check out common redlinks. Create redirects, if the page already exists, or create the page itself if not.
  2. Check out the list of pages needing help and see what you can add to.
  3. Click the random page button and see if the page you land on is missing anything.


  1. Create pages for any roleplay threads that don't yet have one. Check the Main Page for a list, or go through the actual cube for probably a more complete list. (TODO x2 combo: figure out an infobox template for threads)
  2. List the characters who participated in those games and their roleplayers (see Murder U and The Void)
  3. Detail the events of those games (again, see Murder U and The Void)
  4. Add miscellaneous info and trivia


  1. Create pages for any characters that don't yet have one
  2. List the games in which they've participated
  3. Detail the events of their lives (divide into a backstory section and a section for each game)
  4. Add a gallery section (TODO x2 combo, figure out how to add a gallery section and link it as an example)
  5. Add miscellaneous info and trivia


  1. Create pages for players
  2. List the games they were in and their characters in those games
  3. ... Uhh that's probably it for this section actually.

(TODO: finish this page. the irony.)