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Destroy the Corruption is a Destroy the Godmodder-style game run by GoldenCityBird, in which characters from across the multiverse face invaders of a mysterious Corruption.

Worlds and Characters


The story starts off split between different worlds, focusing on different characters within those worlds.

Beach City

In this world, the story starts by focusing on a member of the Crystal Gems, Peridot. She had just finished teaching a lesson on botany and started tending to the plants in the greenhouse when two other Gems, a Mica and a Pearl (who are good friends with each other) requested for Peri to give them a tour of The Reef, which she obliges to. Except they found it to be damaged, and something seemed a bit off here. While Peridot manages to at least repair the systems enough to reboot the resident AI, Shell, who promptly tells the trio that whatever caused the damages never left. This was enough to get Peridot to send Mica and Pearl back to Little Homeworld for their safety, all while she decides to investigate the place to see if she can find what caused the damages. Since she couldn't find anyone else there, she returned to Little Homeworld where she was informed of a recent incident at Bismuth's old Forge, which Peridot offers to inspect to see how bad the damages were.

So, after arriving there, she found that the volcano that The Forge is built into is erupting, forcing her to fly around the place. She found a scared Watermelon Steven who was wearing lavaproof armour inside the Forge, so decides to turn her attention to assessing the local landscape to see what was damaged by the flowing magma. That was put to a stop when she found herself suddenly knocked off the trash can lid she was using to fly around the place, which thankfully Bismuth showed up to catch her. The duo then turned their attention to the culprit - who was big, armoured, and had glowing red eyes. Peridot immediately engages the evil mook with an Attack Drone while Bismuth readies herself for combat.


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South park, Colardo

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