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Synopsis: This RP thread takes place in a specific area of reality where mistakes from realms all over have been gathered. For what reason the characters wound up in here is not something they know of, but they were deemed mistakes anyways and thus, awoke in here - THE VOID. -Dookie

List of Characters:

Why these characters are in THE VOID:

  • Amanda: "Her luck is fucked up enough that she probably got send here by the Random Number Gods somehow."
  • Ronnie Pines: "On top of being unbearable to be around, he also killed Rosa in Murder U and tried to frame Rosa for it. And when he was caught, he committed suicide. And now here he is."
  • Loren: "Someone, somewhere, seems to have decided that getting miracled isn't enough to free her from the stigma of having hatched as a shren."
  • Bebbermint Barry: "Everyone and everything hated him for being a shameless Peppermint Larry ripoff so he got there"
  • Shintaro Kisaragi: "He fucked up during one of Marry's timeline resets and somehow ended up here instead of the Kagerou Daze, the *other* creepy pocket dimension. Currently trying to make sense of his situation and get back to the others."
  • Scott: "Either due to the RNG (kinda like Amanda) or due to his perception of himself somehow managing to get himself here. ...probably the former, I dunno."
  • Amethyst: "She did something not even the universe would let slide - Except what that thing is ain't gonna be elaborated on due to how bad it was."
  • ???: "They're an annoying little fuck who is basically the personification of elbowing someone and saying "Eh? Eh?". But...possibly, by the end of their trip, they can change."
  • Hitomi Chris: "Well, her actor got fired, and any further details of that is smothered in gossip, mystery, and possibly controversy. As such, the character is retired by hololive productions."
  • Mindy Mercedes: "A certain little incident in her school ultimately proved to be the tipping point that put her into the Void."
  • Henkano Dank (MAGNUS ARCHIVES SPOILERS): "After the Dread Powers got dragged out of the world they infiltrated because of a Gap In Reality, he unfortunately fell into the Void as the Dread Powers spread out and infect many universes."
  • Pecan: “She was once a very ordinary girl who was given a mysterious parasol that was a family heirloom. This heirloom was known as the Raindancer's Umbrella and can grant one power of the welder's choosing. Pecan chose the power of puppetry and now fights in the name of hope. Pecan is a very cheerful and upbeat person and has a hair trigger temper.” She was thrown into a game to test her powers after she helped a bunny, but she misbehaved and was given punishment. She was broken into 2, the first half of her thrown into the void, and the second turned into a sentient Pecan Pie. She woke up here with her Pie companion.
  • Gary Busey: "Nobody really knows, he just ended up there somehow."
  • Myst: "As a ghost, perhaps she's haunting the world in order to search for her family, whether her biological family or her foster one. Perhaps she was on an adventure. Perhaps she just happened to stumble upon here and was like, "eh, why not"."
  • Nephrite: "Too introverted for the Universe. Especially after the Crimethyst Incident."

Player's Notes on their character(s):

  • Kennifer:
  • MatthewLM:
  • wingedcatgirl: To copy a bit straight from Danganrift's headcanon channel, "It's already established that Elcenian dragon names are ~magic~ so it's barely a stretch to say that she's got quantum entanglement bullshit with her alternate selves in other roleplays and I don't have to worry about reconciling the completely unconnected timelines of when she gets syllables. She just gets them in the order they happened in irl and never mind that [relevant characters] might not even exist in [other RPs]".
  • ~okami~:
  • Subparman:
  • TheGeekArtist08: Myst so far have only debuted as a cameo - Specifically, when a melody was played at the bumper boat scene.
  • SmilyCube112: Wiki-exclusive knowledge time! Amethyst's actions that landed them in the void, believe it or not, wasn't intentional at all - Nope, not one bit, yet it happened anyways. To describe it using a Trope, I'd say the "Disaster Dominoes" would best fit that catastrophe.
  • Dookie: They have a big secret attached to them, but it won’t be revealed until a while later.
  • SomeLibre: In her only remaining stream that exists, Chris is shown with a notebook (which sees use in this RP). Also given how the company erased all traces of her, it's likely that she'd have a massive memory blank which corresponds to that.

Current Storyline:

The Void, Season 1:

The first batch of rejects wakes up at Fu King Chinese. They meet, explore, and get used to the Void. Meanwhile, ??? finds a zeppelin, and everyone gets on.

The first stop of the zeppelin is Theme Park Island. As Hitomi, Amanda, and ??? ride the slides, Ronnie overdoses on Monsters, has a heart attack, and falls into the Void to his death.

After exploring for a bit, they meet Mindy Mercedes, Pecan & her floating Pie, and Henkano.